Ultimate Drone Save from Australian Photographer

Australian photographer Ryan Chatfield has published a Youtube video that shows an ultimate drone save operation. At the beginnig this video reminds standard landscape photography…but  after 1 minute drone started to loose attitude and was about to land right into the ocean. 

Low battery was a reason. Realizing that his expensive device is about to die, Ryan was trying to prevent it. And who cares that he was in tens of meters from the crash site? He kept running and literally jumped into the cold water to save his drone!

Run for your life: Ultimate Drone Save from Ryan Chatfield

This ultimate drone save video has been published on Apr 20, 2015 and for only 3 days got over 1 million impressions on Youtube. Ryan was just a second before an epic fail, but become the Youtube star instead. Actually, he wasn’t first who did it…

Another video on how to save your drone for less than a minute

Here is another drone save video, published on Jan 8, 2015 and already got almost 4 millions impressions. These guys were really lucky, not all drone stories are that predictable though.

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