Pitbull Hulk Is Probably The Biggest Dog in the World

Meet Hulk the biggest Pitull and maybe even the biggest dog in the world! He is less than 2 years old, but already weighs over 173 lbs, which is about 80 kilograms! He probably doesn’t even realize how large he is.

Gian Pitbull Halk and his owner

Hulk’s owners,¬†Marlon and Lisa Grennon are professional dog handlers. They constantly pay attantion to their dog, so Hulk¬†is very disciplined.

The Biggest Dog in the World - Hulk

Even though he looks a bit scary, Hulk is very kind dog and loves playing with kids.

Giant Dog Hulk with baby The Biggest Dog in the World Hulk with a human baby

Probably because he still thinks he is a little puppy and not a giant dog!:D

Pitbull Hulk in childhood

To keep the title of the biggest dog in the world, he needs to eat at least 4lbs of ground beef with special supplements.

Pitbull Hulk has to eat a lot of meat

Just imagine taking him for walkings!

Hulk during the walk

Pitbull Hulk is not only the world’s biggest dog, but also the happiest one…as he has a family who really loves him!

Hulk's family

Here is how Hulk entertains a child

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