Optical Illusions in Advertising (15 Photos)

Marketers become more and more creative, using optical illusions in advertising. Some of these ads look very realistic and tricky at the same time. But all of them are definitely eye-catching. Check out all the tricks in this photo compilation!

1. IWC Watches Adswatch optical illusions in advertising
2. KitKat Promo

KitKat ad optical illusions

3. Macdonald’s Coffee Promotion


4. Eyes Bus Ad


5. Dior Optical Illusion Ad

Dior optical illusions

6. Coffee Cup Optical Illusion


7. Coca-Cola Ad


8. Bionade Drink Advertising

beer optical illusion

9. ATT Ad is Good Example of Using the Optical Illusions in Advertising

ATT2 optical illusions in advertising.jpg.aspx

10. Schusev Museum of Architecture Ad
11. Real Hip Hop School

real-hip-hop_optical illusions in advertising

12. Sony PC Street Advertising

Sony PC optical illusions in advertising

13. Silberman’s Fitness Center Promotion

optical illusions in advertising

14. Creative Bus Ad

optical illusionin advertising (2)

15. Snake Optical Illusion on Bus


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