Normal Barbie: Meet The Doll With Natural Body Proportions

American designer Nickolay Lamm has created a ‘Normal Barbie’ with an average proportions of a 19-year-old girl. Her name is ‘Lammily’ and she differs a lot from the Barbie that so many girls are used to play with.

Barbie vs. Lamily

Lamm’s doll has more realistic proportions.

Barbie vs. Lamily in profile

She is shorter…

Barbie vs. Lamily from behind

…and wears less make up.

Normal Barbie wears less make-up

Nickolay says “Lammily” is an alternative to dolls with unrealistic beauty standards that dominate the market, like Barbie, or the hypersexualized Bratz Dolls.

A new barbie Lammily-2

He believes that his normal Barbie is going to be a new trend for promotion healthy lifestyle & happier life.

'Normal Barbie' promotes healthy way of living

'Normal Barbie' promotes sports

Lammily's house

“My plan is for Lammily to come in different ethnicities and body shapes. But all future body shapes will be of healthy typical women.” – says Lamm in his interview to BuzzFeed.

'Normal Barbie' wearing a red dress

'Normal Barbie'

“…so that our girls will grow up and become happier & stronger women, truly confident and proud of their own bodies.”

Kids are playing with 'Normal Barbie'

“Average is beautiful” – says Nickolay, the creator of ‘Normal Barbie’.

But only kids would be a judge. And will kids want to play with “average”-looking dolls? – still a big question.

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