Extreme Climbing Without Safety Equipment In Ukraine

Meet Mustang, the 26-year-old Ukrainian free climber. He loves extreme climbing on a top of the highest buildings not just in Kiev, Ukraine…but also in different places around the world. And you wouldn’t believe – he does it without ANY safety belts! Any…Yes, that’s not a joke.

extreme climbingHe doesn’t like to share his emotions and feelings with others. And he hates questions about reactions of his family on what he does. ‘This is just a lifestyle’, – he explains. Describing his philosophy, Mustang also says the following: ‘Death is not the worst thing that can happen. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives the way they want.’
Ukrainian guy MustangNow he is traveling around the world and keep doing what he really likes. This photo below is from Moscow.
free climber MustangHe has friends who don’t mind to have some fun on altitude of more than 200 metres. Why not? Who needs living? :)

mustang-wanted-with-his-friendsSome people say he is just mad and probably they are right. But maybe there is something more, like very high level of self-control and excellent physical skills?

Most of us starts breathing harder and getting the palms warmer while seeing such photos..But seems like this guy doesn’t know anything about fear. Please, NEVER try to repeat anything you will see in these videos!

Here is how his standart day looks like. He is a real proof that humans body could do impossible things and it all starts from our heads.

He does this almost 5 years and he is still alive. Is he lucky one or this is just a matter of time?

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