Coca Cola Museum Coolest Photos

No matter if you are detailed-oriented marketer or just a student, looking for some fun and interactive experience – you’ll find it all in Coca Cola museum! The biggest Coca Cola museum is located in downtown Atlanta, GA and is called “World of Coca-Cola“. There you can find out everything about the Coca Cola brand & it’s history, demonstrated with amazing installations and visit a gift shop or even 4-D theatre! It takes about 90 minutes to go around and entrance is just $10-15. Here are some of the coolest things to see there:

All kinds of drinks ever produced by Coca Cola company:

All kinds of Coca Cola drinks

And of course you can choose and taste your favourite drink there.

Choose your Cola drink

Or check out the best Coca Cola advertisements of all time.

Coca cola ads

Long time Coca Cola promoted its brand showing famous people in its commercials. Now, there is no star in the whole world who can compares with a such recognized brand as Coca Cola.

Treat yourself right ad

Stars on Cola ads

“Ladies and cars” is an old americal reality.

Drive refreshed ad

For the Olympic Games in Atlanta all countries produced their own bottles. Bottles are constantly rotated, so the exposure changes every time.

Sample of Coca Cola bottles

Here is a present from unknown arabian country.

Present to TCCC

And everything began from a pharmacy…John Pemberton was an american pharmacist who invented Coca Cola.

Bronze statue of John Pemberton

His bronze statue still looks happy even after 129 years.

John Pemberton - Inventor of Coca Cola

You can learn more about Cola history in its cinema.

Hall before cinema

Interesting fact: Coca Cola was the first soft drink consumed in Space!

Coca cola was in Space

For the first look technology of Coca Cola creation looks simple, but what a history of billionaire copmany stands behind it!

Technology of Coca Cola production

Evolution of Coca cola machines. How it was before and how it looks like now.

Coca cola machine - 1

Modern look of Cola machine with a touch screen.

Coca cola machine - 3

You can meet this funny bear in the hall of Coca Cola museum.

Hall of Coca Cola museum

He doesn’t miss any guest!

Coca Cola museum teddy

Cola machines are everywhere, even near WC. :)

Cola machines everywhere

There are lot of school buses near  “World of Coca Cola” building.  This is because entrance is free for children… Pretty smart, isn’t it!?

School bus near Coca Cola museum

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