8 Wi-Fi Signs That Remind Us To Enjoy Life

Internet is everywhere and we are used to always stay online. But how about the real life, friends, moments and other stuff? These 8 Wi-Fi signs remind us in a funny manner what things are the most important ones. And of course, recommend us what to do if there is no Wi-Fi around! :D

#1. When there is no Wi-Fi…Just get drunk!


#2. Or pretend it’s 1993!


#3. And just enjoy the moment…

Wi-Fi Signs

#4. ‘But How? If an Internet become a basic need?’ – you’d ask.

b42cc03d-79db-49bd-8cfd-3db26e298b11#5. Probably you just need to deserve it? Yes, Wi-Fi is for smart people!

d41fcf55-8f6e-4516-b201-3c59a5e5fb22#6. Or for hardworking ones…

Wi-Fi Signs

#7. Maybe you just need to pay for it? Remember about ‘free cheese’?


   #8. Or better to forget about it and here is why:


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