5 Reasons to Visit Ischia (Italy)

Ischia’s beaches are known as a heaven of Italy. And here are 5 reasons why:

1). Nature

Reasons to visit Ischia - Nature

There is a long and  beautiful costline (around 37 km). It consist of stretches of sand between blue sea and the green hill. Although some of shore is rocky it’s still a good place for morning run.

2). Beaches

Reasons to visit Ischia - Beaches

Beaches are really clean and well-managed. Even though most of them are paid (as anywhere in Italy), you can always find some free public beaches next to them. Learn more about 5 Best Beaches in Ischia.

3). Health & Wellness

Reasons to visit Ischia - Health & Wellness

Ischia have been considered the European capital of wellbeing. Its main pride – thermal parks and gardens, as well as luxury spa-hotels and wellness centeres to relax.

4). Food


There is no secret that Italian kitchen is one of the tastiest in the world! And Ischia’s food is not an exeption – freshness of ingredients always comes first there. Seafood and fish dishes, delicious spaghetti and fresh salads are all worth trying!

5). Sunset

Reasons to visit Ischia - Sunset

Ischia is an amazing place and it looks its best when the sun goes down. After a good swimming, spa-procedures and tasty dishes go to the beach to watch gorgeous sunset! It would be a perfect ending of the day in Ischia.

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