How 20-Year-Old Burger From McDonald’s Looks Like

In 1995 two teenagers boughts this burger from McDonald’s for their friend, who never turned up to eat it. So, Eduard Neetz and Casey Dean decided to keep it in the wood box until 2015…and see what happens with the old burger.

Burger from Macdonald's after 20 years

After 20 years they grow older and remembered about the box with McDonald’s burger.

Box with McDo burger

When they opened a box they were really surprised to find out that the old burger looks the same within 20 years! Still looks fresh and smells good…

McDo burger looks the same after 20 years

Now they call each other owners of the “world’s oldest burger”.

Old burger from Macdonald's

Would you take a bite of 20-Year-Old Burger?

 It all sounds funny of course, but seriously – would you dare to eat in McDo after all?:)


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