Wake Up, Sleepy Bunnies!

This is probably the most adorable video on the Internet! Watch these tiny baby bunnies sleeping in the glasses and looking so cute! Don’t forget to share the love with your friends and also check out little otter sleeping in mother’s tummy cute vide0! <3
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Good Cop Pranks Drivers And Gives Them $1

We don’t like when police stops us on the road. But sometimes there is nothing to worry about, especially if this is a prank! Watch the video where good cop pranks drivers by stopping the car just to wish you a good day and give $1.
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Cats And Christmas Trees Compilation

For some reason, cats and Christmas trees are not the best friends. But Christmas is coming and we need to refresh our memory that our flurry friends are always curious about strange and green thing with a lot of bright decorations on it.
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15 Funniest Pranks of All Time

Sometimes pranks become an Internet hit, but very often they just doesn’t work. Here are 15 funniest pranks of all time. You wouldn’t find there bad prank or any that went wrong somewhere in the middle. Enjoy watching!
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TOP-10 Worst Celebrity Photos

Celebrities are the same people as all of us. They have good and bad days as well. And even though they always try to look perfect, meddling paparazzi always catch the moment to capture variety of their looks.
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